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Hai Friends, Voter ID card will refer a form of identity proof. are People are checking voter Id card search by number.  voter id download at How to duplicate voter id card download Process. These Type of thing are searching In browser.

Here we are giving information only Reading Purpose. we are not running any application, scripts Etc.. giving information is How to apply, tracking Status, where the information available, where application can run etc.. All about these information update here.

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NVSP means “National Voters‘ Services Portal राष्ट्रीय मतदाता सेवा पोर्टल ” , provides you voter id status, nvsp status check online

nvsp status check : website Visit official link :

  • Check your Voter ID Status, Voter ID card DEtails, voter Application Status, APply Voter ID Etc.
  • In NVSP to change or correct name in the voter id card online.
  • Official link of  Election Commission of India.
  • to know more about NATIONAL VOTERS SERVICE PORTAL (NVSP) .

What Is Voter ID?

Voter ID , it is always better to check if your number is still on electoral rolls in India. These voter lists might keep changing in the country and sometimes it means that your name could be missing from the electoral rolls.

Voter Id card

If you want to vote in the upcoming election whether it is the parliamentary elections of 2019 or state elections, you need to have a voter identity card issued by the Election Commission of India and your name should also be on the electoral rolls. It is not enough for you to cast your vote with just having a voter ID card. This is the reason why it is very important to check if your name exists on the voter list as well in advance of the elections.

Why is important to have an Voter ID Card?

Voter ID will refer a form of identity proof that can be used to avail services within the country. It also allows you to cast your vote during elections. If you have the Voter Card you don’t need to prove that you are an Indian citizen because it does. You can reduce the electoral fraud with this card. People with a valid voter identity card can get special offers that are rolled out by the Government of India from time to time. For instance, you can apply for a ration card if and only if you have the voter card with you.

How to voter id search by name ?

voter id search by name ( विवरण द्वारा खोज), If you want to check whether your voter card exists or not, then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the Electoral Search website :
  • This portal saves all the voter’s information after 2 or 3 weeks of them applying for a voter ID card.
  • and then check my name in voter list.
  • You will find two options to find out your details on the homepage of the website. The first option is to type your EPIC number and the second option is to search by filling your personal information.
  • finally you can Find Voter ID Search by name.

How to search voter ID card by Epic number?

How to know my Voter ID card epic number. If you choose the option to enter your Epic number, then you need to follow the below steps.
Voter ID card Search by Number :

  • Visit the Electoral portal :
  • From the homepage, select the option EPIC number.
  • You need to enter your epic number, state and the security code which is displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the button Search after filling all these details. If you are a registered voter, then your details will be shown on the screen.
  • If not, you need to register on the Electoral portal.

How to search your voter ID card by details?

NVSP voter ID card searching Process. If you choose the option to search your voter by filling your personal details, then you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit NATIONAL VOTERS SERVICE PORTAL (NVSP) official portal :
  • From the homepage, select the option Search by details.
  • Enter the details such as your full name, age, date of birth, state district, and your constituency.
  • Click on the Search button after entering all the details to find your voter identity card details.
  • Your details will be displayed on the screen if you are a registered voter.

If you are not able to find your details on the Electoral Search website, then you can try visiting your state election website. Each and every state in India has its own CEO website which saves all the voter’s information.

How to apply voter ID card online?

Voter id card online registration (Application Form) process Steps. voter id card online application form available at nvsp service Portal.

  • Visit the Election Commission of India official website
  • Click on the National Voters Services Portal.
  • Select the option Apply online for registration of new voter.
  • Enter the details required and upload the required documents.
  • Click on the button Submit after filling all the details and uploaded the documents.
  • Once you have submitted the details, you will receive an email to your mail address which you have provided.
  • This email will provide a link to your personal Voter’s ID page. By clicking on the link, you will able to track your vote ID application and you might receive your Voter register Card within a month from your application.

Documents required to apply for a voter’s ID card:

You need the following documents if you want to apply for a voter ID card online.

  • One passport sized photograph.
  • Identity proof such as birth certificate, driving license, passport, PAN card or high school mark sheet.
  • Address proof like your ration card, driving license, passport or a utility bill.

How to track your application status? voter ID card application status check online . How to Track your Voter ID Application Status …

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the button Track Application Status.
  • In the next page, you need to enter your Reference ID which you have received it at the time of Voter ID Registration & Form No. While entering you will need to make sure that the reference number is accurate and doesn’t have omitted or incorrect letters or numbers.
  • Click on the button Track Status.
  • You can see the status of your Voter identity Card on the screen. Depending on the progress of your application you will be able to view different types of status results.
  • If it displays the status as Pending, then it means your application is not process yet. You can bookmark the page to visit the site later.

 Search your name in the voter list by using Electoral Search?

If you are not sure whether your name is registered or not, then you can search for your name in the voter list by following the below steps in electoral search .

  • Visit your Electoral Search :
  • Here you need to select the state you reside in or the state you registered as a voter.
  • Once you click on the link, a new tab will be opened where you can search for your name in the voter list either by entering your voter ID card number or your full name.
  • Enter your voter ID card number or your full name and click on the Search button.
  • if you are on the voter list, then your name will appear.
  • and If your name does not appear, then check if all the information you entered is correct and try again.
  • another time If your name still does not appear, then it means your name is not on the voter list. Please register for a new voter ID card.

Election Commission of India :

Election Commission of India is an organization which is responsible for fostering the democratic process in India.

In Election Commission of India Eci, people need to apply their voter ID by visiting the electoral office in their district. But now ECI has provided a website with online services including new voter registration, name change, the inclusion of name, and many more.

Visit official link Election Commission of India :

The Cheif Electoral Officers of all states have developed their custom websites which include Statistics and information . find the official links of 36 states and its services above link .

Election Commsion of india

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